One Hand. One Soul. It is One Land.

Just a week before the 63rd anniversary of  Palestinian Nakba, Palestine witnesses a tremendous event that could stand as a turning point in its political and even social history. After 4 years of endure and waiting , Palestinian leaders have ultimately left their pride -or simply I dare say their arrogance, having their minds in their heads, their hearts far from their decisions , and their factions united by one lofty flag, indicating their original affiliation away from all those conflicts since June, 2007.

Going down to the street, and observing such Palestinian figures reflecting the pure Palestinian soul in their eyes, hands and even their clothes, cars and voices, you can say it is something honorable. Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip used to have a dream of finding all their people in one land leaving their conflicts that divided their beloved Palestine into many pieces, and now they feel that they are on the right track, beginning with the unification of their factions, and continuing to collect their scattered land by evacuating it from every Jew.

On its side, the Israeli government disapproved this reconciliation that took place in Cairo, considering it as ” a tremendous setback for peace, and a great advance for terror “. Palestinians know that such a reconciliation must have led Israel to a wave of anger that could be practically shown in the coming days! However, whatever their reaction will be, the Palestinian will will never be quenched anymore as long as they are one hand being ready to defend their land against any massive reaction could be in the future.

From now on, Israel has no excuse for refusing the negotiations with the Palestinian leadership since it used to claim that Palestinians have no specific representative that can represent all Palestinians in the negotiations. After the elections that are going to take place one year after, Palestinians will have a legal representative, refuting all the Israeli government’s excuses, insisting on not being controlled by the Israeli blackmail that lasted across ages.

Thus, to rebut all the Israeli actions that could weaken the unified Palestinian society, or storm the reconciliation agreement, Palestinians believe that such a reconciliation should be honest as it is the shortest way to get their dream of having their freedom and establishing an independent country, come true. 


I Am Back Again =D

Dear my pen,

I am back again.

For the piles of thoughts in my head,

For millions of people who are dead,

For the empty fingers in my hand,

For the missed joy in my heart,

For every poetic breeze in coming summer,

For the boiled snow and the cold meek fire,

For the fossilized hearts impossible to see,

For the stuck minds far away from how to deal,

For all the irritated emotions in a need to cry,

For my imprisoned freedom can’t fly,

I am clutching you to reload all my past and coming moments I have not felt ages ago.

Face It

Waking up and finding many people are killed but by whom?? By their brothers !!they are all shame on the humanity . they don’t deserve living on this holy land , they deserve even not to live anywhere ..

All that  fights between my home’s sons  encouraged me to write my first poem when I was 17 .

So I hope you like my poem, try to refresh your mind with what happened by the two parties “Hamas & Fateh ” before 2 years ….

Face it

Face it , no body in the world can hate .

Everybody in this world could be your mate .

But it depends on you . Are you a good mate??

Don’t say ” this man loves me “. Don’t say “that man hates me”.

You can’t really know the feelings of the tree .

The life is a jet , you must live in it . you should love it. But you’d not better ignore it .

Believe it or not ,,

We all love you . you all love us ..

So , why do we keep in using weapons and guns ?

Put your hand in my hand to build better homeland

Face it … The life is our God’s Gift .

What to expect to read in my blog ..

Among our small world , we have a lot of argumentative topics that deserve to be interested in , so my blog will contain many posts of these topics . Also ,I will attach my old writings : essays , poems , short stories ,literary works’ analysis, etc …

so everyone can read any topic and post a comment or own opinion .

Have a nice time with what you read .